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Ho Chi Minh

Software Engineer, Java & JavaScript, Zalo

What you will do

  • Build a Data Management Platform to help Advertisers, Marketers, Advertising Agencies identify and segment their audiences by gender, age, location, interest, occupation,… for effectively targeting them on Zalo ecosystem’s products such as Zalo, Zing News, Bao Moi, Zing MP3, Zing TV,…;
  • Design, develop, maintain and scale APIs as well as Backend Services to serve high request rates from Advertising Systems and Content Broadcasting Systems;
  • Develop Tools to help customers use the system and build Dashboards for visualizing data.

What you will need

  • At least 1-year experience in Java and JavaScript (Experienced in Angular framework is a plus);
  • Solid knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms, OOP, Clean Code;
  • Strong understanding of Network Protocols such as HTTP/HTTPs;
  • Good understanding of Database: both SQL and NoSQL;
  • Familiar with Restful API;
  • Experienced in building Distributed System (microservices, message queue, caching, load balancing, RPC (remote procedure call),...) is a plus;
  • Be willing to learn and adapt to new technologies;
  • Good at logical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • High responsibility and teamwork spirit.