At Zalo, we hire final-year students and fresh graduates who add the "extra" to the "ordinary". We value those who are ready to roll up your sleeves, go the extra mile, and seek challenges in their work. Join us now if you are ready to see at first-hand how it's like to work in Zalo and gain insights for a head start in your career.



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Tech Fresher Program is a program designed by Zalo in 2017 to seek for the brightest tech fresher talents and build them up for a future of making great impact on Vietnamese lives. The program provides a fast-track path combining on-the-job training and 1-1 coaching courses with top-tier professional and experienced mentors who are working as leader roles of Zalo, Zing MP3, Kiki...

Join us to reach your fullest potential on an accelerated program by working with our professionals on leading products that impact millions of Vietnamese.