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Although it may differ slightly depending on the role and teams, the same basics apply whether you’re applying for a tech job or a marketing job, an collaborator or a leadership position. Your process is likely to include the following stages.

Step 1.

Job searching & application

Search open jobs to find the right position that fits your interests and experience, make sure that your resume is up to date and relevant to the job requisition before submitting an application.

Step 2.

Phone screening

Once your application is received, if our Talent Acquisition team identifies you as a good match for the opportunity you have applied for, they will get in touch with you for a phone screening.

This is a conversation designed to help us understand your interests, experience and motivation, and it is an opportunity for you to get a deeper understanding of the role you are applying for.

Step 3.

Entrance test & interviews

You will do a test run tailored for Zalo-er and as part of our challenges, a high test score can help you stand out and demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and critical reasoning skills.

If you are selected to proceed to the interview phase, you'll be face-to-face with several more team members. This interview will go through different skill areas, including technical, soft skills, and further. Additionally, you may be required to present a case study or participate in
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Step 4.


The nature and timing of the evaluation will vary depending on the role you are applying to. We understand it isn’t easy to wait and really appreciate your patience during this stage.

Final Step.

Offer & onboarding

If you’re the right fit for the job, a member of our Talent Acquisition team will contact you with an offer. Soon you will receive your offer details and be guided to begin your onboarding process so you can transition smoothly into your new role.

If you haven’t been selected, don't feel discouraged as you'll still be welcomed into the Zalo talent community. We encourage you to apply again in the future.

Frequently asked

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to drop an email to careers@zalo.me
1. Do you offer flexible working?
Yes and No. We currently don't have a "work from everywhere" or "hybrid" working policy. However, we're result-oriented, focusing on excellent outcomes. For us, flexible working don't apply in term of flexible locations but in the way that each employee works to maximize performance and create a more productive, engaged and efficient workplace.
2. Do you have a dress code?
While we don't have rules, every employee represents Zalo as an ambassador and is encouraged to make a smart choice and maintain a good appearance both inside and outside the workplace.
3. What learning and development opportunities do you offer?
We encourage our people to engage in continuous learning, development and self reflection to unleash their full potential – it’s the culture that we're fostering. We have intensive training courses for all levels (3-6 months/ course) and organize monthly internal talk about technical and lifestyle topics.
4. How will I know that you have received my application?
Once your details are registered, you will receive an online acknowledgment within 14 working days.
5. Can I apply to multiple positions?
Yes, but please be thoughtful. While we value quality over quantity, you are encouraged to focus on a role that interests you the most and which you are qualified for.
6. How can I prepare for my interview or tests?
It's important to understand who we are and what we stand for, and learn about the functional area and part of the business you are interested in. Also, identify your advantages and how you can contribute values to Zalo. For the entry tests, you can ask our HR representative to provide some sample tests for practice. Ensure you complete them in a quiet environment with no distractions.
7. Do you have an internship program?
While we don't have an official internship program, we offer collaborator roles with 6-month contract or longer to bring opportunities to fresh graduates with under 2-year experience. To learn more, visit our Students and Graduates page.
8. Is there a channel to talk to someone directly about my questions?
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email to us at careers@zalo.me. We are happy to assist you.

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