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Ho Chi Minh

Software Engineer, C++, Zalo

What you will do

  • Build tools from client side to handle a “video processing” such as: download/upload video, encode/decode, play, render ...;
  • Create, maintain and improve systems to meet particular needs with regard to building software components and supporting technical infrastructure;
  • Research new technologies to apply and optimize system.

What you will need

  • Experienced in C++ software;
  • Excellent of data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming;
  • Excellent of Linux operating system, Web and network protocols such as: UDP/TCP, Get/Post, Session/Cookie, HTTP/HTTPS ...;
  • Good at problem-solving skills and creative under high pressure;
  • Young, Active and willing to learn new technologies;
  • High responsibility, young, active, good at individual and team work;
  • Experienced in both SQL and NonSQL, good understanding how to optimize database in a large system;
  • Be able to read and understand English documents.