(Senior) Lead Data Scientist, Zalo

Hồ Chí Minh

As a mainstream communication platform, Zalo makes it easier to meaningfully connect with people, from family to friends to work. As a Data Scientist working on Zalo product, you have a chance to make a positive impact on more than 76M active users by leveraging the power of our data. Specifically, this role focuses on data science to understand our users and find opportunities to improve user satisfaction through Data Science techniques.

🤖 What you will do

  • Building recommendation systems to improve User Engagement in Zalo. We test every change in model and logic carefully by an A/B Testing Framework to make sure they have significant improvements on Zalo;
  • Working with Mobile Devs and Backend Devs to provide stability for your Data Science solution. Making a good model is hard, but making a good scalability model for 100M users in Zalo is even more challenging. You must think like a scientist and code like an engineer;
  • Working with Product Owner to identify the opportunities how Data can improve User Engagement, User Experience in Zalo. If you have a good idea, you have a chance to make it real;
  • Perform analyses to understand user behaviors and find actionable insights for current and future data-focused innovation. This can involve a host of different techniques such as user profiling, graph analysis, predictive modeling;
  • Building a scalable recommendation engine for distributing content to users to ensure content diversity, accuracy and satisfaction.

👾 What you will need

  • Bachelor or higher in Computer Science, Statistics, or a related field;
  • Knowledge of Hadoop programming environments (e.g. Spark), Deep Learning Framework (Pytorch, Tensorflow);
  • Have work experience with large amounts of real data, preferably experience with building and maintaining scalable data pipelines;
  • Understanding of applied statistics including sampling approaches, causal modeling, and data mining techniques;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, storytelling with data, e.g., ability to communicate data science concepts and analysis results to both technical and non-technical audiences;
  • Having a deep knowledge in Computer Vision, NLP, Knowledge Graph, Recommendation System is a plus.

Other requirements:

  • Ability to translate business objectives into actionable analyses;
  • Proactive thinking and ability to work independently while being a strong team player;
  • Open-minded and excited to learn new things. Have strong opinions but are willing to change with new data;
  • We hope you will fit well with our team’s culture:
    • Strong work ethic: All of us believe in our work’s ability to change Vietnamese lives and consequently work hard, work smart;
    • Good team members: We care and watch out for each other. We’re humble individually and go after big goals together;
    • Flexibility: you should be flexible in your tasks and do whatever is needed, ranging from dirty work like data cleaning to high-level work like system or algorithm design.

Take a look inside

Our interview process is all about getting to know each other. Come prepared to showcase your hard work, skills, and achievements, and get a better understanding of what it’s like to work at Zalo group.


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