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Ho Chi Minh

Business Operations Manager, Media

Assist Head of Operations in organizing and controlling Media Products from the strategic planning to the operation.

What you will do

1. Business Analysis:

  • Determine business roadmap and provide support in future business planning;
  • Follow up & oversee overall business functions on planning, quality control systems to strengthen the senior management team in achieving business targets;
  • Recommend business improvements based on market and competitive trends;
  • Coordinate weekly meetings with VP and other Senior Managers to review Product/Business performance;
  • Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly reports for business in charge;
  • Report to Head of operations, Media.

2. Internal Control:

  • Develop and update Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Handle Risk Management plan and report;
  • Business Continuing Procedures.

What you will need

  •  BS or Ms in Business, Finance, Auditing or other relevant fields;
  •  3+ years of experience in business strategy, finance, analytics or internal audit;
  •  2+ years of people management experience;
  • Ability to solve problem individually or in a group setting;
  • Analytical skills & logical thinking.